Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q: what does ReservO means?

A: ReservO is the latin word for “Reserve”…. So deep right?


Q: So you mean I can search for things to do on ReservO?

A: Yup, in ReservO you can explore a range of services provided by our merchants, read prior users review can make reservations. 


Q: What is the flow?

How ReservO works?

A: Upon reservation, Reservo will collect full payment for the services. When you go for your appointment, simply provide the Booking number :)


Q: What is ReservO’s target market?

A: ReservO is designed to make everybody’s life easier… you can discover new places to go, make a booking in the middle of the night or even schedule for a Brazilian Wax during a business meeting…


Q: Can I reschedule?

A: ReservO allows you to reschedule 24 hours before the appointment. Just click on the “My Upcoming Booking” on the top right to reschedule.


Q: I want to tell the whole world about the awesome service, can ah?

A: Of course, sharing your experience helps other ReservO-er make better decision. To do this, just go to my past bookings and hit on the “Rate it” button.


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