About Us

Find and book facials, pedi-medi or yoga appointments.

Reservo – in short “Reserve Online”

Why ReservO?

At this day of age where you can easily book a hotel or movie ticket online… isn’t it just annoying why services like facials, pedi-medi or even finding an available yoga class around you is so difficult to find and book? To make matters worse, most of the time when you are trying to make an appointment it’s either always full, no one picks up the phone or it’s just way past business hours…

That’s why we created reservo.my. We want to help you discover and make appointments for facial, spas, pedi-medi around you. This is a big deal to us and the community. This is a big deal because by creating reservo.my, people like us can find these merchants and these merchants stand a chance to be discovered! 


What is ReservO?

Reservo.my is your online go-to destination to discover the most comprehensive spa, facial, pedi-medi and classes listing (as still growing) so you can find, read user reviews and book your appointments, 24/7!  To sweeten the deal, you can also look out for available promotions and stories about the merchants listed on Reservo.my


Just to clarify, at Reservo.my,

1, We don’t own any spas

2. We don’t sell products and

3. We are not a deal site!

We just believe that life is too short to not get that facial/massage fix when you need it the most!

We also believe that the internet is flat (while the world is round) and every merchant regardless of your size (from multi chain store to single mum & daughter team store) should have equal opportunity to get discovered!


The souls behind Reservo.my

The idea to create Reservo.my is to help save Chai Yee from her endless hours spent in researching and trying to make an appointment for her “ME TIME”. Denis who is normally next to her witnessing the drama unfolding decided that this cannot go on and embarked on this journey to make this vision a reality. 

Our stars must be aligned as we were granted the Cradle CIP 150 grant to get www.reservo.my up and running. We got even luckier when we were connected to Jarod who joined the ride and made www.reservo.my so sexy!

At www.reservo.my, we don’t have 5 stars offices but we have 5 stars team! We want to create jobs that don’t feel like a job… if you understand the following terms : YOLO, FOMO, SWAG… we are looking for you, holla at us: [email protected]


To the universe and beyond!

We believe the Reservo.my magic doesn’t stop with beauty and wellness. Reservo.my wants to be your hang out place to explore “Me time” options, learn a new skill or find a class to sweat it out! Most services in life (except emergencies) should be available to be booked online so we don’t spend time searching and waiting… *fingers crossed*